quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

Quinta Conferencia Internacional del Vetiver - Octubre 2011

La quinta conferencia internacional del Vetiver (ICV-5) se llevará a cabo en el Instituto Central de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas (Central Institute of  Medicinal and Aromatic Plants) en Lucknow, India del 28 al 30 de octubre de 2011.

El tema de la conferencia será "Vetiver y el Cambio Climático".  Para informacion detallada y para registrarse, favor de visitar la página de la http://icv-5.cimap.res.in/. El contenido de la invitación publicada por ellos se encuentra a continuación:
The Organizing Committee of the Fifth International Conference on Vetiver (ICV-5) on the theme “Vetiver and Climate Change” has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in this important international conference.

In India, the roots of this grass have been traditionally used for essential-oil production, and its hedges for on farm soil and water conservation, contour and forage. Over a period of time Vetiver System (VS) has acquired international territories and is now grown in over 100 countries owing to its cost effective environment friendly multifarious application and sustainable solutions for soil and water conservation, slope and embankment stabilization, natural disaster mitigation, pollution mitigation, agroforestry management and host of ecosystem services.

The vetiver grass model promises a natural solution to mitigate the effects of climate change. Leading practitioners, experts, and policy makers associated with Vetiver System applications from all over the world will participate in the conference. This will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists, growers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and environmentalists to interact and share experience on prospects, potential, and opportunities of VS applications.

India is the native home of vetiver, and Lucknow is located in an important geographic region where vetiver has its natural occurrence. It is our privilege to hold this International Conference on Vetiver in India, and also offer an opportunity for the participants to see vetiver in action in its native home. We extend a hearty welcome to you to explore and learn the state of art progress in this unique plant and its application.

We look forward to your active participation to make this international event a grand success.

Alberto Rodriguez